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About Us

Welcome To Vishwanath Paper

Vishwanath Paper & Boards Pvt Ltd. was established in 2007 with an aim to conserve nature and is now a part of esteemed HIMALAYA Group. Vishwanath Paper & Boards Pvt Ltd. which is engaged in manufacturing of multi-layer Kraft Paper with 100% recycling of
indigenous and imported waste paper. Under the dynamic leadership of Honorable Managing Director Shri Sanjeev Jindal and committed efforts of employees, Vishwanath Paper has touched new heights of glory and expanded its wings in many segments. Equipped with state of the art paper machine capable of producing Liner Board, and Assured HRCT (high ring crush test) Kraft up-to 35BF. At Vishwanath Paper, we manufacture high quality packaging grade paper and holds a strong leadership
position in the industry

Vishwanath Paper as a manufacturing company, have a strong focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility. We implement eco-friendly practices and technologies to reduce our carbon footprint and minimize waste. We also use sustainable materials, such as recycled paper, and work to promote sustainability in the paper and board industry


To be a leader in the packaging industry, known for our commitment to quality, innovation, sustainability, and exceptional customer service. Our vision is to create a world where packaging products are both functional and environmentally responsible, meeting the needs of businesses and consumers while minimizing waste and reducing our impact on the planet.


Our mission is to create organizational culture that promotes Excellence through visionary leadership keeping all customers and consumers along. The management is committed to take all decisions keeping in view the absolute balance between the company’s organization and the customers in regard to their business interests.


Customer Service: We prioritize building solid and lasting relationships with our customers by providing personalized and responsive customer service

Quality: We strive to produce the highest quality packaging paper products through strict qualitycontrol processes and using the best available materials and equipment.


Quality control and testing lab: To ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards, the manufacturer have a dedicated lab for testing and analyzing samples. This lab include equipment for measuring the paper’s strength, thickness, and other properties

Recycling facility: We are committed to sustainability and have a recycling facility of 90000+ MTPA to
recycle waste paper and reduce waste

Warehouse and logistics: After the kraft paper and kraft board paper products are produced, they need to be stored and transported to customers. We have in house warehouse for storage and also have tie up with multiple dealers and logistics companies for storage and distribution of the products.

Research and development: To stay competitive in the market and meet customers’ evolving needs, we have a team of professionals whose focus is on developing new products, improving existing products, and implementing new technologies and processes.

Our Clients

We offer the best quality product at an affordable price. Our services included Prime Liner, Carry Bag Paper, and Back Board. We are always available for our clients. Our clients are fully satisfied with our services